Courtesy Boat Inspectors Positions

Job Description
7 Lakes Alliance, a non-profit organization in the heart of Maine’s Belgrade Lake Watershed, is seeking energetic Courtesy Boat Inspectors. 7 Lakes Alliance’s mission is to conserve the lands and waters of the Belgrade Lakes Region for all.
Description: CBIs are the first step in preventing Aquatic Invaders from entering new waterbodies. They inspect motorboats, paddle craft, and trailers for aquatic hitchhikers (plants and animals) before and after launching into the lake. CBIs are not only the face of 7 Lakes Alliance, but they also represent the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), thus, professionalism and maturity is required. This position is best suited for outgoing personalities who are comfortable approaching and talking to members of the public. Desirable candidates will have EXCELLENT attitudes, a willingness to learn, feel comfortable talking to strangers, and have reliable transportation.
● Inspect all watercraft (motor and paddle) for invasive aquatic organisms (plant and animal) before and after launching at public access points.
● Teach members of the public how to inspect their own equipment and encourage self-inspection.
● Enter data into Survey 123.
● Document all unknown organisms and send pictures to the manager on duty.
● Communicate with the public about 7 Lakes Alliance programs and state-wide invasive aquatic organism management efforts.
● Remain professional and polite to all members of the public.
● Attend all mandatory training events.

● Comfortable talking to members of the public.
● Ability to work independently and remain on task.
● Has access to reliable transportation.
● Ability to stand/sit outside for long periods of time rain or shine.
● Comfortable with learning new applications (Homebase and Survey123).
Pay: $15 hr Job time-frame: Seasonal up to 40 hours per week Start Date: May 24th End Date: October 14th To Apply: Please send your resume (references included) to

Current funding allows us limited coverage on the boat launches, so volunteers can help fill those voids! Training is available by 7 Lakes Alliance who operates our CBI program. Click here for more information.

7 Lakes Alliance flyer about hiring